One week marketing swaps


Hey! My name is Jeremy Martin, I’m an entrepreneur and creative professional who fell in love with co-working spaces and want to help show these amazing spaces to the world.

Referrals and reviews are the number one driver of sales today. People love exploring somewhere online before making the commitment to journey out and experience it. The best thing about video reviews is they sit as a constant indexed referral tool.

I’m looking to collaborate where I come for one week and experience your space. In exchange, I will produce an honest video review that lives on both my youtube channel (1000 subscribers) & Facebook page (20,000 likes). I will also include some still photography which can be used for social media, marketing or on your website. Additionally, I will also post to my 3500 Instagram following.

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What’s included


Video Review

4-7 minute, custom, honest, review of your
co-working space. Published on both my Youtube channel & Facebook page.

Still Photography

4-5 photos for your
social media or website. These
photos belong to you and can be
used any way you’d like. Need
specific things shot? Let’s talk!

Instagram Stories

1 professional tagged post while working in the space and 6 casual Instagram stories for my 3500 followers.


How It Works

We start with the tour, just like you would for any new member. Then for the first three days, I simply come and work, maybe taking a photo or two. I experience the space and what it has to offer. For the last two days, I capture the experience conduct the review. Don’t worry! While I’m “honest” I’m able to find positive and unique characteristics of any space! While I keep creative control of the video I’m always open to input. You can also request which photos or Instagram stories I take!


Facebook Page: Get Life Adventures - 20,000 Likes
Youtube Channel: Walking With Jeremy - 1000 Subscribers
Instagram Handle: Remy Ramone - 3500 followers



WeWork, Vancouver

NomadLife, Nicaragura

Dreamsea Surf Camp, Nicaragua